Clean-cut Jeffrey Marsalis seemed like a dream come true to the many women he met on Internet dating sites.

He convinced one he was a surgeon in Philadelphia working undercover for the CIA. That’s why he walked around in scrubs and had a 9 mm pistol just like James Bond’s.

In an online photograph, he wore his hospital outfit with a stethoscope. In another, he had on Navy whites and held a sword. He even posed in an astronaut’s suit.

He had official-looking IDs and a CIA screen saver for his computer.

But the real Jeffrey Marsalis – the dropout son of wealthy parents – led a secret life that was far more sinister than his Internet fantasies.

He was a sexual predator who lured women to his apartment after drugging their drinks so he could rape them.

Police believe the date-rape monster had as many as 100 victims – making him America’s worst-ever serial rapist.

When they raided his apartment, they found a sickening score sheet – dozens of victims listed on his “Yearly Calendar of Women.”

Police believe he raped them all. They also found medicines he kept in a paramedic bag with his scrubs.

Investigators believe most of his terrified victims never came forward to police.

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