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Quentin Tarantino wants a few good men for his new World War Two flick Inglorious Bastards – namely Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio!

The Q-man has already talked to Brad in France on Tuesday for the pivotal role of Aldo Raine.

Tarantino is reportedly meeting with Leo for the part of Hans Landa.

Studios are frothing at the mouth at the thought of a mighty male megastar team-up!

Not since the days of The Towering Inferno with Steve McQueen and Paul Newman have two stars at their peak dominated the box office like Brad and Leo.

Pitt’s already read the script for Bastards with its five intersecting storylines- which sources say is "vintage Tarantino".

According to Variety, Brad is a key player logistically.  The WW2 drama will shoot in Germany and France where Brad is already ensconced with super-mum, Angelina Jolie

Neither Brad nor Leo has worked with Pulpmeister General Tarantino before although Brad did spout some QT scripted dialog playing a stoner in Tony Scott‘s True Romance.