World Exclusive! Kendra Wilkinson Cruelly Betrayed By Sleazebag Hubby–Multiple Sources

World Exclusive! Kendra Wilkinson Cruelly Betrayed By Sleazebag Hubby–Multiple Sources thumbnail

KENDRA Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett cheated with a transsexual while the reality TV beauty was pregnant with the couple’s newborn daughter, a sex swap model has claimed!

In a blockbuster world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER can reveal multiple sources’ claims that the former NFL player, 31, paid the woman $400 for a wild sex romp at her posh Sherman Oaks, Calif., apartment, then coughed up $2,000 in hush money – and offered a further $5,000 to keep quiet about their sleazy affair!

The ENQUIRER has corroborated the scandalous claims – via surveillance video and a polygraph test passed by the transsexual – and obtained details of Hank’s attempt to silence the woman who threatens to destroy his five-year marriage to the ex-girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

In an explosive kiss-and-tell interview that will shatter Hank’s image as a happily married man, Ava Sabrina London said that he first contacted her on April 22 or 23.

“He contacted me through a video I had posted on You- Tube and we exchanged information,” the woman said. “I gave him the address to my house and he came over.”

Dressed only in a skimpy bikini, Ava answered the door to find the “Kendra On Top” star dressed in basketball shorts, sandals and sunglasses. He never identified himself by his real name, Ava said.

Then the pair went into her bedroom, where they satisfied each other sexually in separate intimate encounters.

“The sexual encounter lasted about 15, 20 minutes,” Ava told The ENQUIRER during an interview on the eve of Kendra and Hank’s five year anniversary on June 27.

Afterward, Hank took a shower and told his lover that “he’d keep in touch and we’d see each other again,” she said. “Hank absolutely knew that I was a transsexual – and he told me that I was the only transsexual he’s ever been with,” Ava added. “He thought I was beautiful.”

Shockingly, the rendezvous was days before Kendra, 29, gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Alijah Mary, on May 16. Their son, Hank IV, is 4.

“I feel extremely bad for Kendra,” Ava said. “But I hope this doesn’t ruin their relationship.

“I hope Kendra stays with him because he told me he loves his family. He doesn’t want this to be the end. We all make mistakes.”

However, The ENQUIRER can reveal that Ava’s claims of Hank’s betrayal went far deeper than the one sex romp. The cad continued to stay in touch, says Ava – calling her several times after their first encounter!

Desperate to keep his family together, he begged Ava to continue to keep quiet and said he would pay her the $5,000 “over time,” on an installment plan, adds Ava.

In one pleading phone call, heard by The ENQUIRER, the man Ava says is Hank tells the gender bender beauty that his reps had been contacted and questioned about his infidelity.

“All you have to do is say, no, it didn’t happen,” Hank told Ava. “I will make sure you get that $5,000,” he vowed. “I give you the word on my children.”

In the six-minute recording, Hank claimed he couldn’t withdraw the full amount at one time because he and Kendra share a bank account. “You will get the money. I can’t do it that fast,” he said.

Instead, Hank offered to drop Ava $400 at a time until he “found out that this didn’t come out.” Ava claims that after she agreed not to discuss their encounter, Hank lived up to his word and dropped off $2,000 at her home on June 4.

Tellingly, The ENQUIRER has seen video of a vehicle similar to Hank’s leaving her apartment after the meeting.

In another call, Hank said he was sure the story was about to come out and confided, “My wife wants to leave me now!” He said he believed Ava had sold him out, but she insisted she didn’t say anything and pointed a finger at her friend.

Devastated, Hank replied: “I told you if this came out, I would lose my family.”

Hank’s fall from grace is likely to sicken Kendra, who recently boasted he was the best husband and dad two kids can have.

“A true man is an understatement,” the star wrote on social media. “Our babies couldn’t be in better hands. He is what every man should dream to be. Period.”

Soon after The ENQUIRER confronted Kendra with details of her hubby’s philandering on June 20, Hank abruptly left their Calabasas, Calif., mansion and checked into a local motel. An ENQUIRER reporter spotted Hank speeding away from the marital home. He appeared “disoriented and downtrodden” as he arrived at the Good Nite Inn, the reporter noted. The next day, the couple reunited and attended a child’s birthday party.

Said Ava, “I have only come out now because someone has leaked details of it, and I wanted to tell my side of the story.”

Neither Hank and Kendra did not return multiple requests for comment.