In a new development in the NEWT GINGRICH abusive father scandal we first reported yesterday, THE ENQUIRER now releases key pages of the bombshell divorce filing.

As we reported online and in our print edition this week, The ENQUIRER reveals the GOP Presidential contender’s darkest secret — not only was his dad, a wife beater, wife cheater and abusive drunk, Newt’s mother asserted in the divorce papers that she was battered by her husband while pregnant with the future Speaker of the House.

 Newt’s biological father was Newton McPher­son, known as “Big Newt.” He mar­ried Kathleen “Kit” Daugh­erty, Newt’s mother, on Sept. 12, 1942, at the Lutheran Church in Middletown, Pa.

Big Newt was a hard-drinking, 19-year-old me­chanic and Kit was a fresh-faced 16- year-old girl. After her engagement, Kit immediately had sec­ond thoughts about tying the knot with her blue-collar beau – but her mother told her it was too late to back out because the engage­ment announcement had already appeared in the local paper.

“Kit became pregnant as soon as she got married, but on the third day of their marriage, newlywed bliss quickly turned into a nightmare when her new husband began beating her,” revealed a family insider.

“Big Newt’s father tried to intervene and warned his son never to raise his hand against pregnant Kit again.

“But the marriage was broken. Big Newt joined the Navy and wasn’t around the day his son Newt was born.”

After enduring the painful union for two-and-a-half years, Kit filed for divorce.

A year later, Newt’s mother found love again with Bob Gin­grich. The happy couple, who’d met at a roller rink, got married.

Kit later convinced Big Newt to allow her new husband to adopt their young son in return for waiving four months of child-support payments the mechanic owed her, according to the fam­ily insider. The future politician became a Gingrich.

The full extent of his parents’ nightmarish marriage had not been revealed until The ENQUIRER located the shock­ing divorce papers, buried for six decades in files at the Court of Common Pleas in Dauphin County, Pa.

The papers are dated Dec. 12, 1945, when the divorce became final, and state that the court granted the divorce because Newt’s mom was an “innocent spouse” who suffered “indigni­ties” and that the condition of the marriage had become “intol­erable and life burdensome.”



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