There’s a bombshell new development surrounding the California actress who said she’s going to make Michael Jackson the father of quadruplets — she’s lost two of the babies, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

In our issue that went on sale July 16, we revealed that the actress — whose name is being withheld by The ENQUIRER — said she was signed up by Michael to be artificially inseminated with his sperm.


After taking medication to prepare herself for the pregnancy, she excitedly told pals that she learned in early May she was going to give birth “multiple” times. According to a source, “there were five embryos implanted in her and four took.”

“But at the beginning of July, she found out she had lost two of the fetuses,” the source told The ENQUIRER. “She blames it on kidney problems she was already suffering from.

“She’s now carrying just twins. But she’s courageously determined to go the full term with them. “She’s doing everything she can from a medical and health standpoint to preserve these two growing babies, even injecting herself twice a day with special medication.”

Jackson has issued a denial regarding the pregnancy.


In another development, the surrogate mother’s ordeal is being complicated by Jackson’s ongoing child-molestation scandal. She is due to give birth in February.

“While she’s trying to deal with this difficult pregnancy, she’s heard that prosecutors want to question her about the molestation charges against Michael!” the source disclosed.

“But she has talked of moving to a foreign country if the pressure gets too great, and delivering the babies there.

“And a week after she lost the babies, she did move to another apartment from where she had been living.

“This was after she was told by her lawyers that the prosecutors investigating the child-molestation charges in Santa Barbara want to question her and maybe even put her on the stand at the upcoming trial.

“‘Why would they want to talk to me?’ she cried. ‘I know nothing about that stuff!’

“But she panicked when the lawyer told her the news. That, on top of the tragedy of losing two babies, made her feel the pressure was building up on her and she told her minders: ‘I want to get out of here!’

“They relocated her pronto!” — ALAN SMITH and PATRICIA SHIPP