TIGER WOODS flew into a jealous rage over a comment Mi­chael Douglas made about Tiger’s girl­friend, ski champ Lindsey Vonn!

“Lindsey loves attention and she’s having a ball rub­bing it in with Tiger,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “It’s gotten to the point that he’s furious.”

The trouble was sparked by a March 19 Q&A session on Mi­chael’s Facebook page, when the 69-year-old actor was asked whom he’d invite – living or dead – to the “perfect dinner party.”

Michael replied Buckminster Fuller, Gandhi, Barbara Stanwyck, Liberace, Cleopatra, Nelson Man­dela, Carl Sagan, Serena Williams, Janis Joplin – and Lindsey Vonn!

According to the source,  Lindsey saw that as a signal that Michael could be romantically interested in her, “and it’s driving Tiger crazy.”

Douglas first laid eyes on the Olympic champ four years ago when both attended the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washing­ton, D.C.

“Lindsey showed up wearing a form-fitting black gown that completely bared one sexy shoulder and arm, and she was displaying her Olympic gold medal and dia­mond jewelry,” the source noted. “She looked stunning.”

Meanwhile, Lindsey, 29, appears to be going nowhere fast in her current relationship. As The ENQUIRER has reported, she’s been pushing Tiger for a com­mitment.

But the horndog golf legend has no interest in tying the knot again after The ENQUIRER exposed him as a serial cheater, leading to his $110 million divorce from Elin Nordegren in 2010.

And Douglas’ 13-year marriage to Catherine Zeta- Jones has been in turmoil with rumors swirling about a possible divorce. The star’s 91-year-old mother, Diana, recently told a UK news­paper that Michael and Catherine have reconciled, but the couple have struggled through difficult times.

Although Lindsey’s reps insist she’s happy with Tiger and has no romantic interest in Douglas, our source says she’s “flattered” by the Oscar winner’s attention.

“Tiger has been so tied up with his golf career and back injuries that he’s had very little time for Lindsey, and she believes their relationship has grown stale,” added the source.

“Now he’s flipping out with jeal­ousy.

“But the bottom line is that Lindsey’s happy with any new drama that might finally push Tiger into asking her to marry him.”