JOHNNY DEPP’s macular degeneration worsens as he can no longer see depth.

And now, if it weren’t for corrective lenses, he wouldn’t even recognize himself in the mirror!

The 50-year-old actor recently admitted that he’s basically blind in his left eye and his right eye is very near-sighted.

This isn’t the first time the actor has spoken openly about his vision problems. Two years ago, he admitted that he suffers from a condition known as “stereo blindness,” which means he doesn’t see things in three dimensions.

It’s the same condition that plagued painting great Rembrandt and baseball icon Babe Ruth.

Johnny says he can’t even appreciate watching the “Pirates of the Caribbean” flicks in 3-D because his eyes just don’t work that way. To him, everything appears to be two-dimensional.

“My eyes don’t see in 3-D,” Depp explained. “I have a weird eye.”

And he’s not alone. Doctors say as many as 20 percent of the population may be unable to see fully in three dimensions.

IN an interview in "Rolling Stone Magazine,” Johnny admitted to having other vision problems.

In fact, when he has to remove his glasses to shoot a movie scene – like while playing Tonto in the summer blockbuster, “The Lone Ranger” – he can  only see a few inches in front of him.

Said Depp: “I’ve never had proper vision.”