The ENQUIRER reveals the truth behind Jesse Jackson‘s vehemence toward Senator Barack Obama in an exclusive shocking interview! 

Bristling with anger, the mother of Jesse Jackson’s "love child" told The ENQUIRER she believes the civil rights icon’s vulgarities about ‘Bama were sparked by his own guilt — over their daughter.

"Somewhere in the back of his mind, Rev. Jackson has to acknowledge that he has his own responsibility to his daughter," Karin Stanford declared.

Stanford – whose extramarital affair and secret child with Jackson were exposed in a world exclusive by The ENQUIRER in 2001 – said Jackson’s headline-making ‘dis’ was his reaction to ‘bama’s Father’s Day speech.

Sen. Obama had chastised absentee African-American fathers for not taking enough responsibility for their children.

Talking to a predominantly black church congregation in Chicago, Obama said, "We need fathers to recognize that responsibility doesn’t just end at conception."

Obama’s remarks apparently did not sit well with 66-year-old Jackson, who became an out-of-wedlock dad late in life.

Jackson, just prior to a Fox News interview, thought he was speaking in confidence to a fellow guest – was caught on an open microphone blurting out, "Barack’s been talking down to black people…I want to cut his nuts off!"

Jackson apologized after his scandalous comments were made public but Stanford is not about to forgive or forget how Jackson  has ignored their own daughter Ashley.

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