Aging pretty boy BRAD deemed a dolt by art kingpins – insider.

Brad may be as pretty as a picture but he’s been deemed not bright enough to serve on the board of L.A ’s Museum of Contemporary Art! The hunky “World War Z star – a longtime enthusiast of culture and architecture – made an ambitious play for the MOC position, but sources tell The ENQUIRER he doesn’t stand a chance at landing the gig.

“Brad’s always been a huge supporter of the museum, and it’s undergoing a management shakeup,” said a source.

“So he had someone feel out members of the selection committee to see if they’d be interested in him participating at a higher level.

“While they admire Brad’s ambition, I think the fear is that Brad might be a little on the dumb side to serve on an art board He doesn’t even have a college degree.”

Dad of-six Pitt, 49, dropped out of the University of Missouri to pursue his acting dream and he’s long dealt with whispers that he lives in the intellectual shadow of his 38-year-old partner Angelina Jolie, a United Nations Good Will Ambassador.

“Brad has a huge art collection that’s worth well over $2 milion, said a second source.

“He’ been collecting pieces for years and studying up on the old masters.

“But just because he can buy art does not mean he can curate it. Good looks and fame are simply not enough to run a huge museum like the MOCA.”