Mission improbable accomplished – Suri Cruise is finally off the bottle. 

The baby bottle, that is.

Using chocolate treats as a reward, parental units Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finally got their 2 1/2-year-old spawn to abandon her baby bottle and drink from a sippy cup.

Normally a child should be weaned off a bottle by their first birthday – and no later than 18 months, according to health professionals, who point out that staying on a bottle longer can have adverse health effects.

 Liquids left in a baby’s mouth can acidify and become corrosive to the teeth.  Not to mention Thetan enhanced Scientolo goodness.

To reward Suri for making the big switch, her devoted parents plied her with kisses – Hershey’s Kisses.

"They’re Suri’s favorite treat," said a source.

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