Shockingly, there may be more of "Jerry’s Kids" than anyone imagined!

Two people believe they’re illegitimate offspring of Jerry Lewis, and one of them calls herself Suzan Lewis.  Inside Edition asked Jerry’s son Gary to supply a sample of his DNA so she can prove Jerry’s her dad.  Gary agreed to do so.

Suzan, 57, is convinced that Jerry is indeed her biological dad – and results of the testing will be made public, she says.

In 1976, Suzan’s mother claimed that when she was 26, she had a tryst with Jerry in a suite above New York’s Copacabana nightclub, where Lewis was performing.

"He acknowledged (his paternity) during a private meeting we had in France in 1980," she claims.

"The day after I met with my dad, his manager told me not to contact Jerry because he didn’t want people to know I was his illegitimate child," divulged Suzan.

"I was devastated, but I never pursued my dad, even during the 1990s when I became disabled and eventually homeless after a nearly fatal auto accident."

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