What’s up with THAT, JERRY?

Very married comic Jerry Seinfeld was recently spotted in Long Island’s tony Hamptons, where he owns a sprawling $32 million mansion, chatting up a married woman!

“It was like something out of an old ‘Seinfeld’ script,” a close source said.

“Jerry wasn’t wearing his wedding ring, but he was having coffee with a married brunette! The situation could have easily set tongues wagging.”

Jerry, 60, and his mystery “date” enjoyed a leisurely cup of joe on Amagansett Square July 18, and then drove off in his vintage 1956 Porsche.

But the woman is his cookbook-writing wife Jessica’s lesbian “food stylist,” Sara Quessenberry, and she’s happily married to her female partner, Michelle Blakely!

“They’re both good friends of the Seinfelds, and have been houseguests at their Long Island home,” said a source.

“Sara and Michelle also joined Jerry and Jessica on vacation in Greece earlier this year.” Jessica posted a vacation picture of the two couples together on Instagram in honor of Gay Pride day.

Jerry usually wears his wedding ring, and was photographed sporting it while biking in Manhattan days before his coffee “date.” But a source close to him said, “Jerry takes his wedding ring on and off, and is frequently seen without it.”

The former “Seinfeld” star – who’s worth an estimated $800 million – was also seen ringless in a recent episode of his Internet series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Another source added: “The incident was like that famous ‘Seinfeld’ episode, ‘The Outing,’ in which Jerry and George are mistaken for a gay couple.

“Jerry denies that they’re a gay duo, adding the now-famous catchphrase, ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that.’

“Ironically, you might say the same thing here!

“Jerry’s ‘caught’ without his wedding ring while out with a married woman. And it turns out she’s gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that!”