It takes a lot of nerve to tell the most famous woman in the world that she needs to lose weight BUT GAYLE KING had the guts to get the job done!

Now that OPRAH WINFREY’s weight has soared to an all-time high of 280 pounds, best pal GAYLE KING has stepped in and demanded that the media mogul join Jenny Craig with her!

Overwhelmed by the stress of managing her floundering OWN network, her stagnant love life and Gayle’s recent switch to another network, Oprah had resorted to boozing and binge-eating to cope. But she packed on so many pounds that medical experts told her she needed to lose weight or face life-threatening complications.

Terrified by the prospect of dying,Oprah began eating better and power-walk­ing to drop the excess baggage – but BFF Gayle thinks she needs a formal weight-loss plan…and believes Jenny Craig is the answer!

On the Nov. 10 episode of “The Gayle King Show,” Gayle gushed about Mariah Carey’s post-baby weight loss and boasted that she owed her svelte new body, in part, to the Jenny Craig diet. At that point, Gayle talked about her own struggle to shed pounds and quipped: “Jenny Craig may be my new best friend. Hello, Oprah!”

Gayle then made an astonishing appeal to the folks at Jenny Craig for some free samples. After the show ended, she called Oprah to tell her how much they both need to get on the Jenny regimen.

“It was a pretty gutsy move,” continued the insider. “While Oprah and Gayle are certainly BFFs, it still takes a lot of nerve to tell the most famous woman in the world that she needs to lose weight!”

Even though Oprah said she’d consider joining the program with Gayle, the insider insists it’s the last thing she wants to do right now.