Batty Warren who’s face has been seen by millions doesn’t want his court proceeding taped in bombshell Dick Tracy case!

Beatty filed papers yesterday to snap the lens on court cams when he appears in court next week in Delaware in an ongoing case with a bankrupt unit Tribune Media Services in relationship to ownership issues.

Tribune alleges Beatty "wrongly claims" to have exclusive movie and tv rights to the his 1990 film adaptation of famed four color detective Dick Tracy which costarred Madonna.

Beatty has "made no productive use" of the rights for more than a decade Tribune claims and that they should revert back to Tribune as the franchise is potentially worth millions.

Camera shy Beatty’s lawyers filed an emergency motion asking the judge to prohibit videotaping the actor’s deposition, arguing it’s "unnecessary and could result in a violation of his privacy".

Reps for Tribune counter offered to negotiate an order restricting dissemination of any tape to media but Beatty insists the order would be impotent to prevent viral distribution on the internet.

Cartoonist Chester Gould created the durable detective in 1931, writing and drawing Dick’s adventures for more than 40 years.