EVEN a zombie apocalypse can’t stop “The Walking Dead’s” LAUREN COHAN!

The stunning actress is confident that she’ll not only survive the invasion of flesh-eaters but also become an even bigger star on the hit AMC show, say sources.

The 31-year-old beauty joined the thriller in Season 2, playing feisty farmer’s daughter Maggie Greene. And she became one of the main characters after producers killed off a majority of her co-stars. “The cast members always dread getting new scripts because they know it could be the episode where they meet their zombie maker,” said a show source.

For a while, Lauren feared suffering the same fate. But she’s survived into Season 4, and with the creep-fest drawing record ratings, she’s convinced she’s not going to be a casualty any time soon. When Laurie Holden, who played sharp-shooting blonde Andrea, got killed off at the end of Season 3, Lauren was left as the show’s resident glamour girl – and she knows it, say insiders.

“Lauren is a guy’s dream – a gorgeous woman who can kick butt,” noted the source.

The shapely actress is so confident of her future with the show that she demanded more screen time and more major story lines – and got them.

Producers made it possible by writing out original cast member Melissa McBride, who played short-haired mom Carol Peletier. “Melissa was eased out to open up a bigger story line for Lauren,” revealed the source. “That’s virtually unprecedented for the show, but they realize Lauren has become indispensable.”

Now Lauren – who was written out of her previous TV series “Supernatural” and “Vampire Diaries” – is going full blast to make herself a household name.

“She’s been going on talk shows to increase her visibility and build up her fan base,” said a friend about the beauty, who reportedly earns $30,000 an episode.

“Lauren’s the show’s resident sex symbol now,” said the close source, “and she’s playing it for all it’s worth.”