In a world gone mad, exonerated murder mom CASEY ANTHONY look-a-like attacked!
Sammay Blackwell – who ironically has a daughter named Caylee – was working at a convenience store in Chouteau, Oklahoma when she was mistaken for the real Casey Anthony, reports.
According to an interview with the terrorized clerk on local station News on 6,  customer Shireen Nalley, approached her and chillingly told her: "You look like Casey Anthony."
"She said that I was trying to hurt babies, I was killing babies and she was going to stop it before it happened again," Blackwell told media.
Nalley left the store, waiting outside for Blackwell's shift to end.
"I got in my vehicle and began to back out and looked and could tell she was staring directly at me," Blackwell said. "I could almost see the white in her eyes."
A few miles down the road, Blackwell’s van was violently rammed.  Nalley then pursued the Casey doppelganger and slammed into her again, causing the car to flip.
When police arrested Nalley for assault and battery with a deadly weapon she said she was “trying to save the children.”
A stunned Backwell said, "She could have taken me away from my family, my daughter."
Investigators believe Nalley was on drugs when arrested.
See what Nancy Grace hath wrought?
VIDEO: CASEY 'look-a-like' interview