The VALERIE HARPER brain cancer miracle continues as reports circulate she’s signed on for “Dancing With the Stars”.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Harper, 74, far famed for playing Rhoda on “The Mary Tyler Show” and as star of the spinoff series “Rhoda”, was diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare form of brain cancer.

The cancer is inoperable and is terminal.

Doctors gave the fan fave three months to live –until June — but so far, Harper has been beating the odds – appearing in guest shots with Betty White on "Hot in Cleveland" and lensing a doc chronicling her struggle.

But now, she is reputed to have signed for “Dancing With the Stars” – a very demanding physical competition that taxes even the healthiest – be they Chaz Bono or Kate Gosselin.

Fact or fiction – hoax or hyperbole – it’s not confirmed YET.

The ENQUIRER will bring you the latest on this amazing story as it develops.