Uber-Creepy World Of The Duggars

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For the love of all that’s unnatural – WHY can’t they stop procreating?! ALL THE DEETS!

Michelle Duggard has delivered 19 children with her husband Jim Bob and now she is opening up and revealing all the intimate details of ALL their births, admitting that she had 13 regular births in a row and four C-sections, including TWO sets of twins.

The  19 Kids and Counting star broke it down on the HuffPo Live, recounting all the times she delivered and how each one happened.

“A lot of people think, they ask Michelle ‘It must be easy for you to have all these children, you must be a baby machine!’ but really she’s had a lot of different kinds of deliveries,” Jim Bob said about the mother of his children.

After the first natural birth, he said “The second delivery was  a set of twins, Jana and John, but it was a C-section, because she had pre-eclampsia, but she didn’t have that again until her 19th child. She had a variety of deliveries.

Michelle recalled the details, saying she had “13 VBACS (vaginal birth after c-section) in a row, 4 C-sections.”

Included in all of those births were the two sets of twins!!

More in love than ever with his wife, Jim Bob spoke about how he believes having all of these children is helping her stay young.

“She’s so beautiful, she looks like she hasn’t had any children. She just looks amazing.  I think it actually makes her younger. She’s found the fountain of youth. I think having these children has made her younger than women her age.”