The hush-hush secrets of Scientology silent birth ritual for acolytes JOHN TRAVOLTA and wife KELLY PRESTON. reports that the Travoltas’  beliefs in the church founded by sci-fi pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard may play a part in the birth of their new child,.

Travolta and Preston are both members of the Church of Scientology and are likely to follow the group’s ‘silent birth’ guidelines when Preston finally does go into labor.

That means no music and no talking during the birth, and no screaming during the pains of labor!

"One is meant to be as silent as possible so as to not give the child a ‘birth engram’ with ‘hypnotic’ type phrases and sounds that will re-stimulate him later in life," a former high-profile leader of the Church, Amy Scobee revealed.

Engram is a term used in Scientology that refers to a ‘recording’ of a past painful event not normally accessible to the conscious mind.

According to the Scientology theology, shared by Travolta and Preston, babies should not be subjected to any discomfort via sensory experiences after the birthing process.