GLEN CAMPBELL’s family put the Al­zheimer’s-stricken star into a full-time care facility for a heartbreaking reason  — they were afraid he would hurt himself…or them!

“Glen is still as strong as an ox and can be menacing, especially when he’s frustrated by some­thing,” revealed a close source. “He’d get all riled up and begin bellowing loudly.

“After a while, (his daughter) Ashley and (her mom) Kim just couldn’t sleep easily. It was frightening. They were not only worried that Glen would hurt himself, but them, as well!”

In recent months, the 78-year-old “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer took a turn for the worse, and the mind-robbing disease “was getting very advanced,” said the source.

“Glen would wander outside the house at night, even in the snow, not knowing where he was. He would pick up anything in the house to drink – including household-clean­ing products. It’s amazing he never poisoned himself.

Everyone in the house was staying up all night long. They were afraid to go to sleep because of what Glen might do to himself or to them.

“The family told me it had just become too dangerous a situation and they had to do something, so they put him into a home.”

Glen’s distraught wife Kim told an interviewer: “There were five of us taking care of him, and we were all just completely exhausted. Even though we’ve tried to child-proof the house, he has to be watched every single second…He was chew­ing on a tube of Super Glue the other day. He’d pick up knives. We were struggling to keep him safe.”

The couple’s youngest daughter, Ashley, 27, who temporarily moved in with her mother and had been helping with Glen’s care, also admit­ted that he had become too much for them to handle.

“He’ll drink anything, like dish soap,” she told a reporter. “If you lose concentration for a second, he could hurt himself.”

Meanwhile, Glen’s oldest daugh­ter Debby said she would’ve gladly pitched in to care for her dad but was blocked from even seeing him, according to Mark Bego, who co-authored Debby’s memoir with her.

“Debby is still hurt that her step­mother Kim had her fired from her dad’s ‘farewell’ concert tour in 2011 and kept her from being an active part of her dad’s life,” said Bego.

“However, when Debby found out that her dad was admitted to a Nash­ville area facility for Alzheimer’s patients, she immediately rushed to his side.”

Debby, 57, still holds onto precious memories of her rapidly fading fa­ther.

“I am perfectly okay with what my dad and I were about for 24 years,” she said. “I know how he felt about me. The June before I got fired I had a message on my phone, ‘Hi, this is Glen Campbell, your daddy, and I’m just calling to tell you I love you.’”