Tori Spelling: Wide Weird World of Fakery

Tori Spelling: Wide Weird World of Fakery thumbnail

TORI denies reality show cheating “drah-ma” charges of faking for cameras, admitting she’s a “sucky” actress.

After rumors of ratings fueled “reality" antics dogged Tori Spelling’s “docudrama” series “True Tori” she insists every moment of the show was authentic — claiming she’s just not that good of an actress!

Spelling made the claims  while appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen.

Asked whether she was surprised some people had doubted her crying meltdowns and tense therapy stand-offs with cheating husband Dean McDermott were the real thing, she said “Completely shocked.”

 “You couldn’t get any more real,” she insisted, while friend and scripted TV show and former Nine Oh castmate Mystery Girls co-star Jennie Garth chimed in, “How could you even fake THAT?”

Spelling admitted, “I’m frankly not that good of an actress!”

 “In drama,” she elaborated. “In comedy, I excel.”

Spelling also shot down rumors she was planning for a ratings bonanza by confronting McDermott’s, Emily Goodhand for the cameras.

“Hell no,” she snapped. Not true.”