AN irate Tom Cruise is upset with his ex Katie Holmes over her steamy poses in a series of eye-popping photos, sources say.

The doe-eyed beauty let it all hang out in a sizzling new ad campaign for H. Stern in which she’s made to look naked and barely covering her breasts with her hands.

Besides that, 34-year-old Katie got wet and wild on the cover of the April issue of “Allure” magazine, appearing to be topless and dripping wet with a sultry, come-hither look on her face.

“I think Tom is fit to be tied over Katie’s red-hot new image,” an in­sider told The ENQUIRER. “It is sure to burn him up because he probably thinks Katie is deliberately trying to rub his nose in her sassy single-girl persona.

 “The pictures might also be a way of Katie pointing a finger in Tom’s face and saying, ‘Eat your heart out, buddy – this is what you’re missing!’”

Katie’s provocative poses made worldwide headlines, and the 50-year-old “Mission: Impossible” hunk read her the riot act for putting herself on public display like that, says the source.

 “The bottom line is that I’m sure it galls Tom to no end that he doesn’t have the power to call the shots with Katie anymore,” says the source

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