Don’t stumble onto your neighbor’s property if  drunk – especially if your neighbor’s TOM CRUISE!  ZAP!

Accidentally stumbling onto Tom Cruise's property turned out to be a Mission: Incomprehensible for one of the actor's neighbors late Sunday, as police said one of the star's security guards used a stun gun on the man before he was arrested in connection with trespassing, reported.

The Beverly Hills Police Department said the incident occurred at Cruise's Beverly Hills estate at 9:30 p.m. PT after the guard said he witnessed a man "climbing a fence to gain access to the property."

The man lived next door and had walked there — likely by mistake — in an intoxicated stupor, authorities said, adding they took the 41-year-old to the hospital for a post-stun gun check-up after they booked him.

Neither Cruise nor members of his family were home at the time of the confrontation, officials said.