Teri Hatcher is fighting back after the skin care line Hydroderm filed a lawsuit against her. An L.A. judge said claims made in the Hydroderm lawsuit against Hatcher were “character assassination” of the “worst kind” and has delayed the company’s motion to start depositions in the case.

In the lawsuit, Hydroderm alleges that the Desperate Housewives star had endorsed a competing lip-plumping cream, when she was under a $2.4 million contract with their company to exclusively promote their products. Hydroderm claims Hatcher, 42, promoted City Cosmetics’ lip-enhancing product, which is in violation of their agreement.

Hatcher, however, denies the allegations. In a statement released Wednesday, the actress said, “The allegations of this lawsuit are totally false and completely without merit.”

In court papers, Hatcher’s lawyers wrote, “Ms. Hatcher has not entered into any agreement with any other cosmetic or skincare companies … Ms. Hatcher has done absolutely nothing wrong and has been ready, willing, able and eager to perform.”