Facebook group explodes “Tell the Kennedys to privately fund TED KENNEDY shrine” as war erupts between Dems and GOP-hers

A federally funded institute to honor late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy became a hot potato as a Republican congressional candidate blasted the use of federal tax dollars on the so-called shrine.

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate is a “waste of money that is creating a burden on the people of Massachusetts,” railed Republican Gerry Dembrowski.

Yet former presidential contender John Kerry requested an additional $10 million for the bringing the grand total to $68 million!

Opposition to the institute’s financing was not limited to mere Republicans.

A Facebook group started by Holly Robichaud “Tell the Kennedys to privately fund Ted Kennedy shrine” quickly netted 500 plus members as the once favored son of Massachusetts courts controversy — even in death.