God fearing football star TIM TEBOW has more than skeletons in his closet – he’s got family!

The ENQUIRER has uncovered some shock­ing family secrets that will surprise even his biggest fans!

Court documents reveal the 24-year-old superstar’s brother Robby was cited for striking a police horse in an ugly Gainesville, Fla., mob incident – and his sister’s in-laws have been convicted of multiple charges, including family violence, battery, shoplifting and DUI.

“Even Tim Tebow has skeletons rattling around the family closet,” declared a football insider.

Brother Robby, 30 – who is ex­ecutive director of the Tim Tebow Foundation, which brings “Faith, Hope and Love” to the underprivi­leged – was charged with offenses against a police horse and slapped with 15 hours community service in 2006. He was also required to make a $150 contribution to a charity.

A police report states thatduring a rowdy gathering in Gaines­ville, Robert “struck Justice [a police horse] on the left hindquarter,” an action that “had the potential of causing the horse to lunge through the crowd.”

Prosecution was deferred. But the same can’t be said for the in-laws of Tebow’s sister Katie, John and Julie Shepherd.

John, 62, has twice been convicted on family violence-related charges, one of which sent Julie to the hospital for stitches in 2004.

In the latter incident, John claimed he lost his temper because Julie was too “inebriated” to attend a wedding shower party for their son Gannon, who was marrying Tim’s sister Katie.

Meanwhile, Julie, 61, has been busted for driving under the influ­ence and shoplifting in two separate instances.

“Tim is very close to his entire family,” said a source close to the clan.  

Tebow became a sensation this season through a series of thrilling come-from-behind victories, punctuated by his trademark kneel-in-prayer stance that has come to be known as “Tebowing.”

But the insider noted: “As great a role model as Tim is, it seems his message is lost on some of those closest to him.”

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