The ENQUIRER’S exclusive interview with Tatum O’Neal‘s crack dealer reveals the troubled actress hounded him to sell her drugs even after he turned her down!

From behind bars at Rikers Island, 31-year-old Allen Garcia gave his first interview to The ENQUIRER about the events that led to his and the Oscar-winning actress’ drug busts near Tatum’s home on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on June 1.

 "She said in an interview) that she was going to help me, but neither she nor anyone else connected with her has contacted me since I’ve been in here. Absolutely nothing," Garcia glumly told The ENQUIRER.

Tatum spent only one night in jail and received little more than a slap on the wrist for the highly publicized bust while Garcia had been in jail for more than a month and is now facing deportation to Mexico.

Clad in a gray prison jumpsuit, Garcia told The ENQUIRER: "She belongs in jail, too!"

Garcia says he approached Tatum, 44, for spare change three blocks from her New York apartment and she quickly turned the conversation to drugs. "

"She took a long look at me and immediately started questioning me about drugs," he told The ENQUIRER. "She asked, ‘You don’t work for the police, do you?’

"I tried to assure her that I didn’t and wondered the same thing about her. She asked if I knew who she was and I said, ‘No, I don’t care who you are.’

"Something just didn’t seem right – this classy-looking lady trying to score drugs from me right out in the open," Garcia revealed.

"She wasn’t nervous at all, like it’s something she’s done many times before."

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