Syrians Claim James Foley Was Butchered A Year Ago

Syrians Claim James Foley Was Butchered A Year Ago thumbnail
Did American journalist JAMES FOLEY’s captors savagely kill him on video last year—and not recently, as terrorists have claimed?
Those are the shocking allegations of the Syrian government, whose leader, Bashir al-Assad, has been battling rebels, including the US-backed Free Syrian Army, in a bloody civil war for over three years now.
“James Foley was arrested by the Free Syrian Army and he was sold to ISIS” al-Assad’s spokesperson, Bouthaina Shabaan claims.
 “James Foley was killed a year ago, not now, they [ISIS] only released the pictures now, but he was killed a year ago,” continues Shabaan of the 40-year-old war reporter who died after the US government refused to pay a $132 million ransom.
“We have definite information, the UN has the information.”
However, past reports seem to indicate there may be some problems with Syria’s new claims, including the fact that a French man Nicolas Henin says that after getting kidnapped in June 2013 he was held captive with the American journo for seven months.