Susan Sarandon’s Secret Affair With David Bowie

Susan Sarandon’s Secret Affair With David Bowie thumbnail
NOW IT CAN BE TOLD!  SUSAN got more than “Saran-wrapped” with “Ziggy Stardust” rocker during shooting of classic undead flick

BRIDESMAIDS” star Melissa McCar­thy spilled the beans on a secret that her good pal Susan Sarandon had been keeping for more than 30 years – the “Thelma & Louise” actress once had a fling with rocker David Bowie!

“Melissa totally let the cat out of the bag,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “It’s been thirty years, and Susan has never publicly discussed her romance with David so she was kind of shocked that Melissa just blurted it out.”

The lip-slip occurred on Feb. 10, while Melissa was presenting the 67-year-old Oscar winner with a Life­time Achievement Award at the AARP’s Annual Movies for Grownups Awards Gala in Beverly Hills. Melissa, who plays Susan’s granddaughter in the upcoming film “Tammy,” was introducing Saran­don when she said: “Susan is so cool – I mean, she dated David Bowie.”

“In her gushing, Melissa just dropped the little bombshell like it was nothing at all,” the source continued. “What’s worse is that it happened in front of a huge roomful of people with cameras. Thankfully, Susan wasn’t upset with Melissa, but she wished her old affair with David had remained private.”

People in the crowd appeared stunned by the revelation – including two of Susan’s kids!

According to the source, Susan and David, who’s also 67, dated briefly when they filmed the 1983 vampire horror film “The Hunger.”

“It was a long, long time ago when Su­san and David were both young, carefree and single,” added the source.

“She has fond memories of the love af­fair, but throughout the years she’s kept it private.

“Melissa and Susan have become re­ally close friends, and that’s how Melissa knew about it. Melissa feels terrible – she had no idea that Susan and David’s rela­tionship wasn’t public knowledge.”