Call it Shawna-gate!

Just by being her flirtatious, out-to-have-a-good-time-self, Shawna Mitchell — the 23 year-old retail clothing salesgal from Northern California — has managed to make things miserable for four people.

Smitten Alex and Matt are out a love interest, Jenna is out a friend and Shawna is out of the game.

As the conniving Rob put it “…one of the nicest people I have ever met…you put what’s good for others ahead of what’s good for you. Unfortunately that makes you a terrible ‘Survivor’ player.”

In Shawna’s wake, Alex will most likely be the next player to be bounced.

Overnight, Alex has become a weak-minded man whose vision is very cloudy — he’s become a huge disappointment. I’ll bet he’s sitting at home watching the show and thinking, ‘what the hell was I thinking?’

Now Shawna — who was the 6th person voted off — can get back to selling clothes because she didn’t even make the jury and therefore, didn’t get much of a per diem from the show.

If you make the jury — which usually starts with the 7th person voted off — you can make anywhere from $10,000 – $35,000 by the time the show is over.

If you are the first person to go it’s really awful — you get like $2,500 — and the 2nd through the 6th people get around $10,000 before taxes.

She could have made more money if she had stayed at home!

With Jabaru in disarray, Tambaqui has jelled as a tribe — although middle school principal Butch was so adamant about Christy’s “defining moment” as a person and a player — and there was so much leering between the two following their immunity challenge win, that there seems to be a new Shawna/Alex-type situation brewing.

Then there’s the matter of Heidi’s disproportionate fake breasts. She’s just busy trying to be sexy, even in a jungle or anyway, that’s what she seems to be worried about. This girl does not have a clue.

Since Heidi lasted this long she will obviously be on the jury — she certainly will not win — so I hope this poor girl uses her per diem to get those things fixed!

Last of the “Barbie” trio, Jenna seems lost without Shawna, so the front runners for the gold seem to be Rob, Deena and Butch.

Rob has played it smart by going for an alliance with Deena. As he stated to the cameras on the show, no one will ever suspect the two of them are working together.

I know Rob is a weasel, but he’s got a strategy and he’s playing the game as well as he can.

Unfortunately for him, Deena is a lot shrewder. She’s a real gamer – winning is her clear priority. And she’ll end up using Rob to get what she wants.