When “Survivor: The Amazon” was narrowed down to the final four, I knew exactly what was going through their minds: How to finish playing the game. Stick with the same strategy, or adopt a new one? Obviously, each of the final four tribemates had to win immunity to be absolutely sure they would be safe.

On “Survivor: Thailand,” I began to play out the different strategies in my head: “If I take the popular one with me into the final two, can I convince the jury I’m the better choice? Can I depend on the unpopular one to still be a jerk, or will he apologize and get sympathy because he’s older?”

You play with this sort of thing in your mind until the next immunity challenge. You’re hungry and tired, but you still have to find a way to stay mentally sharp. You have no idea what the challenge will be, but you have to be ready or you could lose right then and there.

Every season for the last episode, “Survivor” does this whole scenery thing and reminiscing about the people voted off previously – it’s so lame! I hated it and who cares anyway? It makes for good TV, I guess, but these people aren’t DEAD — we just sent them packing so we could win!

This year they had the sea plane to show the final three the view of the Amazon. It was nice, I guess, but again, who cares? When I was on the show, I didn’t care if we played “Survivor” in somebody’s back yard, a park, Disneyland or a dump — I just wanted the cash. I didn’t need to look at the scenery or “take in” the beauty of the environment — just give me my money!

Now that Jenna has won, she had better be prepared for what’s next. Yes, she won “Survivor” — and now she was to survive winning!

After Jenna gets her check she’ll go on personal appearances for about a week and get no sleep.

Then, depending on what she wants to do, Jenna will either go back to her modeling career or something else within the entertainment industry or just disappear. Once she’s done doing public appearances for the show she’s pretty much on her own.

But everyone will have to deal with adapting back into their lives physically. My teeth bled for quite a while when I got back, and I had a hard time wearing shoes all day because I would get painful sores. For about two weeks I walked around without shoes on at all.

I lost 30 pounds so none of my clothes fit and it was difficult at first to eat regular meals. My stomach had shrunk and I wasn’t used to having full meals.

It was amazing, we were gone for only 39 days but it took a lot longer to get back into the groove when I got home. However, my bank account helped me through the pain!