We’re in the homestretch. There are just a handful of days left and a lot of opportunities for anyone to change the outcome. There can be a lot of twists and turns before somebody walks away with $1 million.

In Thailand I was so determined to win that I had to flip-flop like a fish to fit the situation, and it paid off — but not before getting lectures on “fairness” and “integrity.” But remember, the motto of “Survivor” is “outwit, outlast and out play” — it’s not about playing fair.

I’m not saying you can cheat in challenges or anything like that. But you can lie or make alliances and then change according to what’s going on.

That’s the part they call “outwit” — get it?

I didn’t create the rules, but I learned how to manipulate and play the game within the rules.

And I’m sure when everyone got home and saw the show they were able to see what they did wrong — and what I did right.

I loved it in Thailand when there were fights because more than likely one of the people involved was going to go home very soon.

For example, when Ted and Ghandia had their sexual misunderstanding I was thrilled. I was thinking, “OK, those two are gone.”

I knew Ted would rally the votes to kick off Ghandia, and then after that the women would be pissed and eventually vote him off, too.

I didn’t think Ghandia deserved to be voted off at the time, but what the hell. I didn’t care who went to “loser island” as long as it wasn’t me!

There were a lot of sore losers in Thailand but I don’t regret anything I had to do to win. Actually, all I did was sit back and let them devour each other. Was that my fault? No. But some of the contestants were bitter because they realized I sat back and let them destroy themselves.

They blamed me, but in reality they knew if they had just shut up they could’ve ended up $1 million in the bank.

The odds of winning “Survivor” is 1 out of 16. Those are better odds than almost any other opportunity in your life, and the losers in Thailand knew they blew it over something stupid.

They were their own worst enemies and I laid back like Butch, Christy and even my buddy Vecepia and watched it all play out until the end.

One interesting thing I noticed about this week’s auction for luxury items: Nobody looked out for Christy.

The other contestants are nice to her on the surface, but nobody offered her any food and they knew she didn’t get anything before the auction was over. I know she had money to buy food, too, but she was so starved for friendship or attention she would rather buy a letter from home than eat.

That should tell you something and it’s disturbing how they have made her feel.

I would love to see Christy win, but I know her tribemates won’t let that happen.

I wish the TV audience was voting, then I know she’d be the last one standing because she deserves it for living with this group of jerks for so long.

But Christy will do well in her life because she a good person who is not letting her deafness get in her way.

She’s a REAL survivor.