Reality kingpin, Mark Burnett, the master puppeteer behind Survivor and The Apprentice is about to get his chain yanked.

Longtime partner Conrad Riggs filed a 13 count complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing the TV jungle lord and Trump handler of breaching their oral agreement.

Riggs is demanding $70 million in damages.

Court papers contend that Burnett waffled on his 90-10 agreed split of the profits from both reality shows with Riggs.

The lawsuit claims Burnett ceased payments and eliminated Riggs access to financial info in 2007 and Riggs was evicted from his perch at Mark Burnett Productions less than a year later.

Now that Burnett is reportedly negotiating to unload half of his empire to IMG, Riggs wants his piece of the tribal council pie.

Outwit, outplay, outsue.