SURI launching a fashion line and as her kinder gang goes all tot haute couture.

SURI CRUISE has suddenly become an even more popular girl, thanks to rumors that she’s set to launch a multimillion-dollar kids fashion line.

Now her classmates at Avenues, the exclusive private school she attends in Manhattan, are inundating the 7-year-old with design ideas.

“Even some of the parents have gotten into the act,” said an insider. “They’ve given their kids little scraps of paper with pictures of outfits they’ve put together.”

According to a recent, the impeccably dressed only child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is going to have a $2.3 million clothing line named for her.

The report, which was widely circulated, also said the label’s first collection for young girls would debut in a New York department store this fall.

Ironically, the rumors about the budding fashionista helped win over the parents of some of the children in Suri’s tennis class.

As The ENQUIRER reported in our May 13 issue, the other kids’ moms and dads were furious when Katie pulled strings to get them banned from the building while Suri was taking lessons.

“All is forgiven, apparently,” said the source.

A rep for Katie denies that Suri is going to be the next “Fashion Star,” but that isn’t stopping the little “Project Runway” wannabes at Suri’s school from trying to get chummy with her.

“Suri’s been a little overwhelmed, but she loves all the attention,” the source noted.

 “If everyone didn’t want to be her friend before, they do now!”