There’s more  — much more — to “Storage Wars” star BARRY WEISS than meets the eye.

 The hand­some, quick-witted star is a multimillionaire who rubs shoul­ders with celebs, and at age 64 is a red-hot babe magnet.

Fans of the hit A&E show know Weiss has an obsession with classic cars, but there’s nothing glamorous about how he made his fortune. He sold fruits and vegetables!

The success of his company, Northern Produce-Mushroom Inc., which he co-owned with his broth­er, has helped him accumulate an estimated fortune of $7 million.

And that’s afforded him the oppor­tunity to live in an afflu­ent Los A n g e ­l e s neigh­b o r h o o d with stars like Natalie Portman and other celebs as neighbors.

“Barry is a million­aire several times over,” a source confirmed to The ENQUIRER.

“He paid $1.8 million for his spacious four-bedroom home in a trendy, gated neighborhood. He also has other properties, all in ex­pensive neighborhoods.”

But what might surprise fans most is his incredible way with women.

“Wherever Barry goes, women flock to him,” said an insider. “When the show is filming, beauties of all ages give their phone numbers to fellow cast member Dave Hester to pass on to to Barry.”

The mod­ern-day treasure hunter, who hopes to find valuables in abandoned stor­age lockers, once specialized in sup­plying high quality fruits and vegetables to area restaurants.

“Barry retired from the business around four years ago, but he still gets a share of the profits and leads a life of luxury,” said the source.

The produce company has annual revenues of about $20 million, and Barry is set for life financially. Bidding on the unknown contents of storage lockers is a hobby for him.

Always filled with surprises, Barry recently re­vealed in an interview that he’s had a medical marijuana card for eight years.

“I was one of the first in this state to get it,” he said. “I’ve got a bad back and I have to tend to it.”