Just two months after tossing her husband overboard, still-married “Titanic” star Kate Winslet is making waves with one of Hollywood’s hottest directors.

Kate’s confessing to pals she’s head over heels for “American Beauty” director Sam Mendes, admitting: “I love Sam — I just love him so much!”

And Oscar-winner Sam told an interviewer: “I’m deliriously happy! We’re having a relationship.”

Sam, 36, denies he broke up Kate’s marriage to wanna-be movie director Jim Threapleton.

And when Kate, 26, swam away from 27-year-old Jim, she insisted nobody else was involved.

But Jim is still in a tailspin.

“This romance came as a great shock to him,” disclosed a friend.

Friends say he’s angry Sam recently flew from Los Angeles for a secret love tryst with Kate in Texas, where she’s lensing her latest movie — and had their 14-month-old daughter Mia with her.

Kate and Sam, both English, spent two nights in her $700-a-night suite in an Austin hotel.

Now insiders say lawyers for multimillionaire Kate are expected to offer Jim a $750,000 divorce settlement.