YOU DON’T HAVE to be crazy to live in TinselTown — but it helps!

From the slightly eccentric to the just plain wacko, showbiz folks are in a world of their own.

Stephen Schochet — a former Los Angeles tour guide and author of “Tales of Hollywood” — has agreed to guide ENQUIRER readers through the Hollyweird maze.

Did you know that…

Marlon Brando tried generating power for his home — with electric eels.

Jim Carrey’s servants complained about the half-mile trek to his front gate to collect mail — so he bought them golf carts.

Drew Barrymore’s mom auctioned off the “Charlie’s Angels” star’s baby clothes.

Woody Allen takes his temperature every two hours during the day.

“Love At First Bite” hunk George Hamilton has his own private blood bank.

Johnny Depp, in love with Winona Ryder, got a “Winona Forever” tattoo. After they split, he changed it to “Wino Forever.”

Jennifer Lopez brings her own sheets when she stays in hotels.

Ryan O’Neal jogs nude on the beach.

Michael Jackson was sued by a neighbor — claiming Jackson’s giraffe was snatching leaves off his trees.

Ashley Judd asked for water at exactly 72 degrees during a photo session.

Christina Ricci has therapists on both coasts.

Tatum O’Neal announced she was leaving high school — and her classmates cheered. Her dad Ryan consoled her: “That’s what we actors live for, honey — applause.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger invited the pope to his 1986 wedding to Maria Shriver. He didn’t show up.

Sharon Stone offered to fly poet Octavio Paz from Mexico to Savannah, Ga., for lunch and a poetry discussion.

Mariah Carey turned away a limo at this year’s Grammys because it was not the color she requested.

Shania Twain moisturizes her face with Bag Balm, originally created to prevent chapping on cows’ sensitive udders while they’re milked.

Brad Pitt once paid $20,000 for exotic plants but forgot to pick them up.

Tori Spelling always boards a plane right foot first, and before she drives into a tunnel she always honks twice and quickly lifts both feet.

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