New STAR TREK bikini babe ALICE EVE’s drastic dietary maneuvers as she boldly goes where many actresses have gone before – into darkness.

Many Hollywood stars are more than willing to live on nothing but “kale and dust”  to lose weight for a movie role, RadarOnline notes.

Alice Eve, who’s prominently featured in new Star Trek Into Darkness as Dr. Carol Marcus, admitted that she maintained a spinach diet to slip into her form fiting spacesuit.

“You’ve got to look as if you can hold your own on the Enterprise, and that means you’ve got to be in proper fighting shape,” the 31-year-old blonde beauty explained.

She revealed that she began a diet consisting solely of spinach a week after she learned that she landed the role.

Eve confessed  she maintained her scary spinach diet for the 5 months of filming but now her bikini bombshell pic has become an internet meme.

Eve joins a long list of other star powered starvers including Anne Hathaway.