Hollywood goes wild as mob gathers to stamp out movie icon CHARLTON HESTON!

A  throng gathered on the Oscar-winner’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to launch the campaign to put Heston’s rugged countenance on a U.S. Government postage stamp.

Heston’s longtime publicist, Michael Levine  launched the campaign, asking celeb pals and fans alike to sign an online petition.

"If Hollywood had a Mount Rushmore, his face would be on it," Levine told the assembled faithful. "A postage stamp would be the next best thing."

Heston’s resume includes some of the greatest films ever made including The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes, El Cid, Ben-Hur, Touch of Evil  and The Big Country. 

"Heston was an iconic American actor known everywhere in the world as a friend and family man, patriotic and very giving to his community," Mike Medavoy, a Hollywood producer said.

At the rally, Heston was also remembered as a longtime advocate of civil rights who marched with Martin Luther King on Washington before his later notoriety as an outspoken conservative.

Heston, who passed in April 5, 2008, isn’t eligible for stamp fame until 2013.

Other actors who’ve been immortalized include John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball and Jimmy Stewart.

You can be part of this campaign of epic proportions  by CLICKING HERE to add your voice to the Charlton Heston Stamp Initiative!