Downward spiral as key staffers jump ship as "IDOL" makes like The Titanic sinking beneath the waves of ratings hell.

Losing out recently to NBC’sThe Voice ,Idol has failed to garner great ratings for FOX and hasn’t even had a winner go mainstream and rise to real stardom since Jordan Sparks won Season 6 in 2007.

In fact, the show’s most recent winner,Candice Glover, debuted her album at the lowest ever in Idol history, selling just 19,000 copies its first week, RadarOnline reported.

“The crew and staff on Idol are not new to the industry and have been around the block before. They know a sinking ship when they see one,” an insider divulged.

“Anyone smart working on the show has already put out feelers for a new gig. The show is on its way out, and they don’t want to be dragged down with it.”

Rating for the current season have proven dismal and it’s likely the network will pull the plug this year, the source says.

 “All the judging changes and feuds have really hurt the show,” the source said.

“They just can’t compete with The Voice.”