REESE WITHER­SPOON’s estranged stepmom is trying to cash in on the Oscar-winner’s embarrassing disorderly conduct arrest.

The ENQUIRER has learned that 61-year-old Tricianne Taylor- Witherspoon, who is married to Reese’s dad, John, but admits she has never actually met the “Walk The Line” star, is trying to sell a shocking tell-all about how Reese “destroyed” their family – and she’s holding out for a $100,000 payday to expose the actress’ secrets.

“Based on Reese’ behavior in those police videos following her recent arrest, I believe she has a serious drinking problem and needs to get professional help,” Tricianne told The ENQUIRER.

“I think Reese’s father is living in denial about the severity of her drinking, because he insists that the entire arrest was a set-up by police.”

Tricianne, who married John Witherspoon in January 2012, says she believes Reese “was so awful and disrespectful to her fa­ther” at the beauty’s March 2011 wedding to talent agent Jim Toth that Reese’s father “almost bailed on her and refused to walk her down the aisle.”

“Reese shows very little respect for her father, and he’s been os­tracized by her because she’s so angry that he married me.”

Tricianne is more than eager to tell “her side” for price.

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