Sonny Landham — Porn Actor Turned ‘Predator’ Star Dead At 76

Would-be politician died crippled and homeless!

Sonny Landham — Porn Actor Turned ‘Predator’ Star Dead At 76 thumbnail

Sonny Landham — who played a psychotic bank robber in “48 Hours” and a determined mercenary in “Predator” — has passed away at the age of 76 in tragic circumstances!

Sonny went from an early career in porn films like the title role of “Big Abner” before finding big-screen fame as Billy Bear in 1982’s “48 Hrs.”

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From there, he worked steadily — and even tried to join “Predator” cast mates Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura in becoming a governor with an ill-fated campaign in Kentucky.

He also attempted a run for the U.S. Senate in 2008, but lost the support of the Libertarian Party after referring to Middle Easterners as “camel-dung shovelers” in a radio interview.

Any further dream of politics came to a sudden end after a tragic car accident in 2016.

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Sonny eventually lost both of his legs from the injuries he suffered — and, according to friends, was quickly abandoned by his wife before being having to live in a Holiday Inn Express in Kentucky.

Fans frequently donated money to the troubled actor, who was often homeless.

Sadly, his declining health caught up to him on April 17, when he passed away in Lexington from congestive heart failure.