After the rant heard ’round the world Christian Bale‘s sister reveals the truth about her troubled brother.

After Christian publicly apologized for his audio rant against DP Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator Salvation, Bales’ sister said the verbal attack was "totally out of character" – despite Bale previously verbally assaulting both her and her mother.

"He seems to be incredibly stressed and angry at the moment," Sharon Bale told UK Telegraph. "I think he might need help "

Prior to the London preem of The Dark Knight, Bale was arrested by London Metropolitan Police after accusations he attacked mum, Jenny, 61 and Sharon, 41, at the Dorchester Hotel.  The charges were dropped but not before the incident made international headlines last summer.

"He verbally attacked us," Sharon recalled. "He spoke in the same aggressive way he did to that lighting engineer. I wouldn’t have minded so much but it was in front of my family and three children."

Sharon remains adamant that going to police over her brother’s erratic temperament was the right thing to do.

"I went to the police because I felt he should be cautioned. I thought one day his temper could get him into trouble. All I was trying to do was help him. I wanted him to stop and try to get help."

"He’s normally a placid guy but he has done film after film and he really gets into character. I think he just needs time out."

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