Published on: February 1, 2005

Talk about OBNOXIOUS star bodyguards! Dubya himself would've been stunned by singer Prince's uptight security when he chowed at Cuvee, the trendy cafe on LA's Robertson Blvd., where A-list stars like Paris Hilton,Robert De Niro, Naomi Campbell, Debra Messing, etc. - even demi-celebs like me - drop in daily. First, the lovely Mrs. Prince (a.k.a. Manuela) drove up in a Mercedes with a bevy of twittering assistants. Moments later, a tricked-out SUV swooped up and out leaped two beef-o's in full Secret Service/drama queen mode - dark suits, shades, chattering nonstop on earphone walkie-talkies as . . . (drum roll) . . . His High-Heeled Highness, The Artist Formerly Known As an Unpronounceable Symbol, disembarked and swept inside like . . . well, like a Prince. Then the fun began! As Prince sat quietly noshing, the owner - a kindly, but famously feisty lady - was shocked to see Beef-o #1 ordering annoyed patio customers to move their tables back from the entrance, so they couldn't peek in at Pretty Princeling. Then Beef-o #2 went in her face to complain that a customer had . . . Horrors! . . . passed within 10 feet of Prince's table. The owner finally erupted when one bitchy lady-in-waiting barked at her: "Stop STARING at Prince!" Collaring Beef-o #1, she snapped: "How dare you harass my customers. We're very used to celebrities here, and they're never bothered by any of us or the press. But guess what - I can get on the phone and have Mike Walker here in five minutes" WHOA! The warning worked. She got an apology - and Prince even smiled and winked at her when he left two hours later. And what did he tip for their trouble? A Prince-ly $4, folks!