CASEY KASEM’s family storms media, charging that his wife won’t let them see ailing dad reputedly held within his fortress-like mansion. 

The famed longtime host of syndicated radio “America’s Top 40” Casey, now 81, show American Top 40, has advanced Parkinson's disease, and his family and friends – including his daughters Kerri, 35, and Julie, 38; his son Mike, 40; his younger brother Mouner, 77 – say he's been cut off from the outside world – by his wife of more than 30 years Jean.

"Keeping us from our father is the worst thing she could possibly do for his health," Kerri charged.

She added the Kasem’s family relationship with wife Jean, 59, has been estranged most of their entire lives.

Kerri Kasem, also a radio host, said that she hasn’t set foot inside her dad’s opulent multimillion dollar mansion in the three decades and, worse yet, has been unable to see her dad Casey for the past 3 months.

In a bizarre protest reminiscent of embassy storming, more than a dozen of Kaseem's closest friends demanded access to Casey. The assembled family and close pals bore placards of protest just outside the foreboding gates of his 2.4-acre palatial estate.

Reportedly, Jean, who was at home called LAPD claiming a “burglary in progress” in an attempt to dismiss the throng. Several cars were dispatched but cops backed off, say sources, owing to the fact that it was a “family dispute”. Casey’s family vows to take the matter to court.

“All we want is to see our dad,” Kerri Kasem told media.

POP FYI: Casey launched his chart-busting popular radio show in 1970 and also provided voiceovers for thousands of commercials and TV shows – including the character of Shaggy on "Scooby-Doo". His wife Jean is best known for a failed "Cheers" spin-off "The Tortellis".