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Hollywood bad girl Shannen Doherty is trying to save her career by launching a new reality show, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress recently had a three-hour meeting with her reps, who told the notorious diva that she needed an image makeover so she can "get back to work," a Hollywood insider revealed to The ENQUIRER.

"The bottom line is Shannen’s got one of the worst reputations in Hollywood for being difficult to work with. She’s got to make herself likeable again."

The new project will focus on Shannen’s life as a one-time popular actress who now must compete for acting gigs, as well as her romance with her current boyfriend, 35-year-old photographer Kurt Iswarienko. Cameras will be rolling as Kurt and Shannen, 38, move in together.

"Shannen’s career definitely needs a jump-start," said the insider. "She’s still as talented as ever – but her reps feel it’s a matter of reintroducing her to viewers as a grown-up actress.

"They want to dispel the memories of disruptive behavior on the set and her wild party antics off camera."

So far, at least two major cable stations have shown interest in the series, according to the insider – and the show could be on the air as early as next summer.