Published on: June 8, 2011
Photography by: MGM United Artists

Shocking footage of SEAN CONNERY’S steamy gay kiss revealed!

Researchers have unearthed rare eye-opening footage of Connery lip locking a male thesp in what is believed to be the first televised man-on--man gay smooch caught on cameras.

The 1960 BBC drama “Colombe” was thought lost until it was discovered in – of all places – the U.S. Library of Congress film archives!

 In the telefilm, Connery, then 29, plants a kiss on the lips of actor Richard Pasco.

 Connery kisses him to understand why his wife’s character picked him as her lover.

"It was, we are pretty sure, the first male-to-male kiss on TV, film or on stage," Dick Fiddy of the British Film Institute revealed.

“Sadly, no one seems to recall it.”