Just days after Heath Ledger‘s tragic death, an impostor pretending to be his dad, Kim Ledger, took advantage of the actor’s grieving friends and family!

The impostor called Tom Cruise for emotional support and John Travolta started working to arrange a flight for him from Australia to the U.S.! Heath’s funeral home even booked rooms for the faker at the fancy Carlyle Hotel on Madison Ave. Unbelievably, the impostor even spoke with the doctor who performed the autopsy on Heath, the New York Post reported.

As soon as Heath’s reps found out, they sent out an alert to his celeb friends. Cops are trying to find and arrest the impostor on charges of fraud and larceny. The real Kim Ledger arrived back in New York City Monday night.

According to TMZ, the impostor also called Fox’s New York affiliate after Ledger died in search of information and for Heath’s ex-girlfriend Naomi Watts‘ number.

In the midst of this confusion, the facts about Heath’s death continue to get clearer. A recently released Emergency Medical Service dispatch report reveals that Heath’s body was still warm when masseuse Diane Lee Wolozin called paramedics at 3:27 pm. Since a person’s extremities cool 20 minutes after the heart stops, it is possible Heath had only recently died when she arrived. It is unclear if Wolozin could have saved Ledger if she called 911 before phoning Mary-Kate Olsen.