With the missus and the kids away, his popularity nose-diving, PRESIDENT OBAMA will be home alone for his 49th birthday.

Obama hasn’t shied away from the fact he’s nearing the dreaded half-century mark as he’s realized his hair’s becoming grayer and his metabolism is slowing down  – like every other middle-aged American male.

But only he faces the strain of a divisive Presidency.

And with First Lady Michelle taking their youngest, Sasha, to Spain and other daughter, Malia, away at camp, Obama’s press secretary is under the gun as media inquires if Obama family tensions and Oval Office feuding is the reason Obama is spending his birthday alone in his Chicago hometown.

"They’ll ALL be back together soon," the press secretary deflected.

With an election year approaching fast, Republicans will attempt to use Obama’s age against him – provided they don’t run a geezer like John McCain, 74.