Cancer-stricken RYAN O’NEAL has drawn up a bucket list of things to do before joining his late love FARRAH FAWCETT, insiders say.

The 71-year-old actor – now fighting terminal prostate cancer after beating leukemia – says his top priority is seeing three of his children finally beat their addiction problems, the insiders add.

“Ryan may have a little bit more time, but he knows the clock is ticking,” said a friend.

“At the top of his bucket list is his desire to see his sons Redmond and Griffin, and his daughter Tatum reunited with him and each other, and drug-free. He intends to do everything possible to help them.”

Redmond – his only child with Farrah, who died in 2009 – will be out of rehab in October, and Ryan wants to take a road trip with the 27-year-old from California to Provincetown, Mass., said the source.

“He and Farrah had a wonderful visit in Provincetown when Redmond was a baby,” the friend revealed. “Ryan told me, ‘If God spares me that long, I want some intense conversation with Redmond about his mother.’”

The hard living thesp – who said the famous line: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” in “Love Story” – also has several apologies to make, noted another source.

Ryan intends to apologize to his former best friend, actor Lee Majors, for breaking up his marriage to Farrah in 1979, the source said.

“And because Farrah once suffered a broken arm during one of their many violent arguments, he intends to support a charity for abused women.

"Ryan says his final apology will be to his kids – for all the mistakes he made as a parent.”